18 September 2007

[pdx, liff] Whither The Hudson Brothers?

953. Why, Tabloid Baby asks, are the Hudson Brothers hot again?

Good question. We here at this humble, little-read blog, had no idea we were part of the beginning of a wave. But we'll take it.

Anyway, it's a very good question. For me, Tabloid Baby sums it up:

The Hudson Brothers were a rare act that won praise as legitimate rock musicians, comedy entertainers and teen idols. They're also among the few with a Top 10 legacy to refuse to cash in on the nostalgia market. While every Seventies star, from Barry Williams to the Bay City Rollers, has made more than one money-grubbing comeback attempt in the past thirty years, each Hudson has carried on with successful second acts-- Mark as a top music producer and writer, Bill as a film and music producer, Brett as a television and film writer and producer.

Hells, yeah! And I happen to be one of Mark Hudson's close, personal MySpace friends, along with about 1000 others.

The shows are fondly rememberd by myself. They were one of the first things I remember being on the television-box, and I though it was pretty cool that, in an age where nothing cool ever came out of Oregon, something cool came out of Oregon.

I regret to say that I maybe didn't support the boys as much as I ought to have...but back then I didn't have any money to spend on records. C'est la guerre. With them becoming more popular, maybe I'll have that chance.

Tabloid Baby also has some exclusive "reunion-y" photos here. We should all age so well. Also linked-to by TB: This nifty little Hudson Brothers page at Sunshineday.com .

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