27 September 2007

[design] Judging a Book by its...uh, Outside Stuff

966. Book designers try to get you to judge a book by its cover, contravening that old saw.

The Portland Mercury, bless its heart, pointed me at an online exhibition from the AIGA (an organziaton I'd happily join, if I could so afford) and illustrated their Blogtown art with a particularly clever one for the cover of Nicholas Maes's Dead Man's Float, which illustrates the impression of the title by showing an abstract silhouette of a man's body floating on what is presumably the text of the opening of the novel.

Mark this one down as one I wish I had thought of.

The link to the AIGA archive is here; click on "Annual 28" in the upper right then "01 Book Design" on that page to get a look at the brilliance there pertaining.

BTW, if anyone out there needs a book cover designed...I'm available.

FWIW: the blog Judging A Book By Its Cover does exactly that...and takes no prisoners. Good for a LOL.

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