15 June 2009

Doin' It Out In Public, Where Everyone Can See. Now, With Armbands

2086.I'm talking, of course, of World Wide Knit In Public Day, where the world becomes your auntie's craft room for the afternoon, and you just get to like it, mister.

A notable member of the PDX "Knitterati", Melissa Barton, has very charming pictures of the Pioneer Square insurgency. She even made armbands for 'em.

I have no interest in knitting, (my creative urge does not run to the fibre arts) but I enjoy what knitters do and the passion they bring. Past interactions with knitters have been fun and inspiring. But if these people ever get nuclear weapons … well, just watch out, I'm just sayin'.

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(Photo by Melissa Barton; hotlinked from her blog Days of Tea and Knitting)

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