10 June 2009

It Was All For Nought, Apparently

2073.Looks like I joined Twitter just in time to see it collapse like a house make of Scottissue in an Oregon rainstorm.

The upcoming ginunnga-gap is known as the Twitpocalypse (which, sadly, has nothing whatsoever with actual human twits meeting deserved doom) and is apparently going to happen because the number of Tweets (that is to say, unique Tweet identifiers) is zooming headlong toward the number 2,147,483,647, the limit of unsigned integers supported by computers. After this, they go negative and the center does not hold, things fall apart, the Beast slouches toward Jerusalem, your neighbor becomes an Amway distributor, the dog gets rabies, Victoria Taft gets a clue, all sorts of madness. Oh, and any application that depends on Twitter might digitally pancake, unless it doesn't, but who can tell?

Y2K? Whynot2K? I donno.

The time is estimatied sometime on the morning of the 13th, and we are closing in on that on an estimated rate of 170 tweets/second.

Actually it's kind of a bogglement that so many people are using Twitter so much, so fast.

The site to keep track of is: http://www.twitpocalypse.com/

Check in later, when we find out whether or not to care about it.

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