13 June 2009

Fairley's Pharmacy: Classic Drugstore Style, Classic Typography

2079.After the events of the last posting I continued westward down Sandy Boulevard ... because Sandy's awesome, yo.

Just west of 74th and Sandy is the center of the Roseway District ... a big sprawling thing were NE Sandy Blvd, NE 72nd Avenue, and NE Fremont Street come together. As locals know, the diagonal travel of NE Sandy Blvd makes for some cooler-than-cool block shapes which give us little wedges and flatiron-shaped buildings (note: you can view the photos bigly by going to my Posterous account and clicking on the pixs!).

NE 72nd/Fremont/Sandy, Looking East. Downtown
Roseway District. Fairley's Rx on the point.

That little two-story flatiron in the center of the pic is Fairley's Pharmacy. It's a little classic, it's been around Portland for decades, and still has a soda fountain and prescription deliveries (as well as espresso and a place to hang out and read books ... and Free WiFi. Because this is PDX, yo).

The place caught my eye because they are working overtime to keep the old-fashioned feel, and what really caught my eye was the apparently-recently-refurbished building signage, which has the classic look and feel.

The signage wraps round the building to the Fremont Street side (on the right of the above picture) which makes you think of the 1940s when buildings on corners all seemed to do that.

And there's Coca-Cola style FTW! Classic street typography, well-executed, not too much or too little, there's a real eye to the totality of art here. It looks classic – not dated.

It's not hard to find. NE 72nd and Sandy at Fremont. Stop in sometime. They got good sodas.

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