30 June 2009

Join The Campaign! Get Blellow Added To TweetDeck

2118.A few missives ago I waxed enthusiastic about Blellow, the new microblogging site for creatives and freelance professionals. I'll admit, I've rarely been as excited about something like this. It creates good community. What Twitter does for everyone, Blellow does for us designers.

I've helped inaugurate a drive to get addition of Blellow to the client app TweetDeck, and it's going rather smashingly. Blellow's good, but being able to view it in TweetDeck (which is the most popular Twitter desktop client) would be amazing. There are a lot of wired designers, there are a lot who use Twitter, and there are a lot who use TweetDeck. So far, that hypothesis is being born out; after less than a week of campaigning, the issue has garnered 101 votes and is the 64th ranked new feature request out of 3328 on the TweetDeck UserVoice forum.

If you believe in right, sunshine, spring showers, and kittehs, you need to help us vote this up! The page to vote is here; you can be anonymous if you want. Registration is possible. Please vote, and leave a friendly comment if you can.

Blellow has all the community and connections that you could want as a designer. This is a Good Thing!

The community is at http://www.bellow.com. I am ZehnKatzen there.

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