23 June 2009

Even Roadside Traffic Cone Monsters Need A Lift Sometimes

2101.(via ArtBistro) You don't see this sort of fellow thumbing a ride every day:

Original photo by Joseph Carnevale

North Carolina State University student Joseph Carnevale just kind of had the idea in class one morning. He's a history major who also works construction, so when the idea of nicking a few construction cones and making this awesome Cone Monster out of it just kind of sprung on him, it wouldn't go away.

So he kyped the cones, did some major reconstructive surgery, and executed the hack.

The police may or may not know art, but they know what they don't like: he was charged with misdemeanors over it. But the peoples like it; not only does he have an outpouring of public support hoping to get the charges dropped, but the construction company wants him to create a replica of the figure (which the police, being utter dilettantes, dismantled).

Ah, well, de gustibus non disputandum est, as they say.

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