30 June 2009

Enjoy The Drinking With LockCup

2117.This cup is full of win and pretty much redefines lunchroom and office bevvy security:

I'm betting this is just what someone, somewhere, is waiting for.

You can read all about it (if you understand Korean) here. I love the awkward verbiage. I understand it's in poor taste to mock non-Americans with shaky command of the English language, but I just read things like this ad saying that the cup has a hole which prevents most people from using it (just most people?) and it's off to the races with me. I mean, should I fear the subset of people who can circumvent the hole? Which, additionally, just sounds wrong.

I admit its a weakness.

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Mark said...

Absolutely this is something someone is waiting for! At the technical writing shop my wife works at, they used to have custodial crew taking the cups from desks and putting them in the diswasher. Sometimes, people lost their own personal cups, not company cups. These cups would always get passed over in the cupboard.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Actually, the more I think about this product the more sense it makes. I think it was the awkward translation that made me want to mock it, and I think the idea was to prevent other people from borrowing it (the "lock" fits in a hole in the cup, without it, it's a cup that won't hold water – or, indeed, much of anything).

Cups with holes designed in them would indeed get passed over in the cupboard, you're quite correct there.