25 June 2009

Grim Day In The Land Of Dreams

2109.No sooner do we hear that Her Hotness Farrah Fawcett passed away in a rather insipiring and brave way that we also hear that The Gloved One, Michael Jackson, has passed away – rather appropriately, under mysterious and rather Elvis-like circumstances.

I didn't like everything either of them did, but I almost always found them entertaining. Two icons of many of our shared youths are now gone, and there is a feeling of time moving on, as there always is.

(Disclaimer: Me, as many, are getting our MJ information from TMZ, which is the dark tabloid heart of the intarwebs. As of this writing, no major media is confirming)

Update, 1534: The Los Angeles Times has confirmed the death of Michael Jackson. He actually arrived at the hospital in a coma. TMZ gets the break tho.

Update, 1616: The death of Micheal Jackson has apparently caused several sites to get hammered flat for at least a while, including TMZ, Perez Hilton, and the LA Times. Several Fail Whales surfaced at Twitter.

Update, 1618: In a bizarre footnote to the whole thing, news appeared to break that Jeff Goldblum had died of a fall from a mountain in New Zealand. With no other organization picking up the confirmation, it quickly proved to be a hoax. Rumor has it that the NZ newspaper that reported the rumor's site also got hammered to death. Funny world.

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