17 June 2009

This Cabbie's Tip Is Your Impromptu Artwork

2088.The function of a cabbie in culture is kind of a stereotype; he'll listen to your problems, keep your secrets, and get you from point A to B boldly, if the tip is right.

According to the New York Post, however, New York cabbie Fabio Peralta may happily accept your tip, but wants something else from you – a bit of your art:

Fabio Peralta has turned the back seat of his yellow cab into an art studio for his passengers, and has commissioned thousands of works.

As soon as a passenger hops into his Crown Vic, Peralta, a 40- year veteran hack, hands the rider a pen and a stack of computer paper.

“I tell them to create art, any kind of art,” he said.

He then collects the artwork, binds them into little glossy books, and gives them away for free to any rider who lets him vid them for 30 seconds doing whatever. Peralta's cab is just like a little Factory on wheels, it seems.

I've had many dealings with cab drivers, and found the reality to be significantly less romantic than you'd think. But the cabbie with creativity can use his (or her) flying perch to create unique works, almost as though they filter society and let us all look at in through the lens of someone who meets thousands of people a year but might not ever get to know them.

Thinking outside the box is a overused cliche. Some people can do it just right, still, however.

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