23 June 2009

Windows 7 Package Design Is A Winner

2104.We love Microsoft, we hate Microsoft, we're ambivalent about Vista … whatever you think about the Lords of Redmond, they've got some sharp ideas about packaging Windows 7:

We’ve reduced the number of elements in the package down to three: the plastic case, the paper sleeve, and a simple Getting Started Guide. The plastic case opens easily like a standard DVD case and it will have a single easy-to-remove seal at the top - And that’s it!

The plastic case protecting the Windows 7 disk is lighter and is recyclable. The packaging itself has a 37% weight reduction and a 50% improvement on it’s econometrics score over the predecessor.

Seems like a winner to me. I remember the days – they weren't so long ago – when you got a lot of printed collateral in those boxes. Indeed, I do like the feeling of a solid User's Manual in my hands … but I can't deny that the trend is away from so much consumption and use, and Microsoft has read its users and the trends very well.

Read all about it (and see a piccy!) here.

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