03 June 2009

Getting Over Ourselves, and Our Bodies

2066.We're just about to life quarantine here at the Sonnenhurhaus. It has not been a pretty week for us.

Aside from the usual nastiness-of-life (we are always trying to overcome something), a cold of some sort has swept everyone under our roof. It was a nasty head cold-then chest cold-then-head cold-now nagging cough for me, but if you want to pity anyone, pity The Wife™.

She grew up with a Momma who smoked heavily, and strenuously denied that her chain smoking ever had any possible connection to the yearly bronchitis that her daughter suffered from. These days, she still doesn't stop at a mild cough ... any cough that gets her takes her to the wall. The last several days have been suffering for her, and two days after a doctor's visit that featured a chest x-ray to rule out a feared possibility of pneumonia (fortunately it was not) and racking coughing fits that you just wouldn't believe, we both got our first real sleep in several days today.

The house needs some stocking up. Spirits are up, if still flagging. The front lawn got mowed for the first time in a long time today. It needed it ... bad.

Even though I'm feeling better I feel like I still have some healing to do. This has not only sapped my strength but also my spirit, but giving up is not an option.

Fortunately, I've discovered Twitter (as hinted at). For a long time I've scoffed at Twitter, but I'm ready to eat crow here – not only is it fun, it finally provides a link to other people that is hard to beat. I don't know what most people use it for, but I'm networking like a madman.

It's nice to feel connected again. And I've found some great links to resources and cool designerly things, which I plan on commenting on here.

Wish us health. I've got to get back on my two wheels again.

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