16 June 2009

More Ways To Connect Than You Can Shake A Bit At

2087.So, after catching the Twitter virus, I got in a couple of more socials, and was stunned suddenly by the number of connections I had.

So, in an effort to corral the beast, I went looking for all my important connections, and I've listed my social network access points at the top of the sidebar over there. I have found, amazingly, that I'm connected to no less than six points of access to the noosphere that I consider of some importance. Here they are:

  1. Twitter: I tweet as SJKPDX. My Twitter URL is http://www.twitter.com/SJKPDX.
  2. Blellow: Blellow is like an evolved Twitter for creatives. http://www.bellow.com/zehnkatzen
  3. LinkedIn: Needs no introduction. http://www.linkedin.com/in/zehnkatzen
  4. Facebook: After getting my own fashionable Facebook username, I'm http://www.facebook.com/samueljohnklein
  5. Ning: I maintain a presence there after a bout of NaBloPoMo: http://www.ning.com/samueljohnklein
  6. Plaxo: Almost forgot this one! http://zehnkatzen.myplaxo.com/
  7. And my preferred email address, which seems more charming by the day.
So there they all are.

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Bit, thats good hahahah