30 June 2009

Free Photoshop Patterns From Emma Alvarez

2119.Following the dictum issued back in the 80s by the philosopher Tom Peterson of SE 82nd and Foster ("Free is a Very Good Price!") I present a coolness I have found: free summer-themed repeating seamless patterns for Photoshop.

Made by designer Emma Alvarez, they are warm and friendly, using earth tones reminiscent of adobe, umbers, and cut brown summer grass. The patterns are free for non-commercial and commercial use, and it behooves to completely read the licensing terms before downloading and using.

They are .PAT files, meaning you use them as fill with tools such as the paint bucket tool. To use, unzip the file and move the .PAT file to (if you're on a MAC) /Applications/PhotoshopCS3/Presets/Patterns (for PCs reverse thes slashes and say "Program Files" where I said "Applications", and for the Photoshop version it's whatever you're running, of course). To use, select "pattern" in the fill tool you're using, open the pattern chooser, and from the flyout menu choose "Load Pattern … ", then navigate to the Pattern folder and select the file.

Download them via the Emma Alvarez site: Summer Seamless Patters V.1, http://www.emmaalvarez.com/2009/06/summer-seamless-patterns-vol1.html, which also has complete installation instructions.

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