23 June 2009

Iran Sucks At Photoshop 2.0

2105.Some time ago (as this post at BoingBoing documents) Iran, not quite thrilled with the results of a missle test, had someone in the Ministry in Whoever's In Charge Of This Sort Of Thing whip out their copy of Photoshop and work some clone stamp wizardry that was so grade-school that oh, pretty much everyone figured it out in about two seconds flat.

A lot of us mocked that. It was a graphic geek imperative.

Iran, sadly (or, hilariously, depending on your POV) has not learned its lesson. Observe:

Here's the BoingBoing article; here's the site of the photographer who apparently broke the thing (the page is all in Farsi written in Arabic script, so good luck with that).

Iran's Photoshop policy is just so full of win.

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