28 February 2005

[design, blog_life] Odds and Ends 28.02.05

I Get Great Email Sometimes

So I get email tonight from a surprising young lady. Text follows:
Mr. Klein,
I am a 1st grade student doing a report on the Broadway Bridge. Your site was very helpful. I used a lot of information from it. I am working on my bibliography. I need to know what date you posted this article. Can you please email me back?
Thank you,

Do I need to say that my heart melted just a bit when I saw that? How very cool and, sorry if this sounds patronizing, but I'm just gobstopped that a first-grader writes and speaks so danged well! Either she's precocious or I need to get out more. Heck, not even Your Truly spoke that well when he was six!

Quite an honor. Quite.

The website is still being hosted here.

New Links

Jeff Fisher Logomotives is the commercial website of a local graphic designer. He has a very successful practice and does great work...just look at his site. When we endeavor to enter a new field or get into the place we've always wanted to be, we tend to find examples of the kind of artist we wish to become. This is one of those sites (Pariah's would be another). He's also written a crackling good book you can get at Amazon and through Creative Latitude called The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success, which I"m partaking just now. It's a great read, a great design, fun and energetic. Contributes to the sense of hope. Also, there was an article in the Oregonian a few years back about Jeff which went a long way toward me investigating the field of graphic design, and largely contributed to me taking up the study.

Creative Latitude is a site by experienced designers for all designers. There is a lot of help and inspiration there for those of us starting out, and access to some free and useful tools for plying the trade (how does free Excel spreadsheets with hourly rate and billing and estimating calculators sound?). This is a must-visit if you're graphically designerly inclined.


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