13 February 2005

[tech] Papa's Got A Brand New Keyboard

The PowerMac G4 (MDD) has a new USB keyboard. This became necessary after The Wife[tm], assisted by a certain Gimel-cat, introduced the wonders of a full-on dose of Diet Dr Pepper to the original equiment..

I liked the original keyboard quite a bit. People scoff at Apple design but, like me earlier, I'm convinced it is because they can't have one. Once you get to compute, day in and day out, on Apple hardware, you understand.

Anyway, the new keyboard is a nice improvment over the old one actually. The casing is the biggest thing. The case on the 2003-vintage 'boards was tough clear plastic, encapsulated all around. It looked good whilst new, but time and too many snacks and drinks at the thing tended to get 'stuff' in and under it in places that not even my tiny vacuum sucker could get at. Cat hair got lodged just under the key openings. Harder to keep looking good.

This one, by contrast, is more like an open-top tray. No plastic uptop to trap things. There is also no curved back with a snap-bracket to choose between lay-flat and angled. I never used it lay-flat anyway. I never saw any other Mac user who did.

Cost: $30.00. And we have the old one to get into and screw around with. I will be looking for a cheap 2nd hand USB keyboard. Also, Savitar comes off this machine....if The Wife[tm] wants to web surf and email, no problem. MUSHing has got to stop, OTOH.


Anonymous said...

Some may feel squeamish about eating it, but rabbit has a fan base that grows as cooks discover how easy they are to raise — and how good the meat tastes.

Samuel John Klein said...

Vaguely interesting thought. What bearing that has to do on a new keyboard I got for my computer a few years ago, though, I'm not following.