28 February 2005

[meme] Saturday Slant: Urgent Spring

Though only late February, Spring is in the air. Crocus have blossomed alongside the daffodils, and the sunlight clings to day just a little bit longer. About this time of year Spring urges grip our hearts and minds. What are your urges?

Do your thoughts turn to romance and affairs of the heart? Do you begin to long for the beach, bicycle path, or swingsets? Do you dive into your closets, shelves and cubes dancing through your mind as holy crusade of organization begins to coalesce in your thoughts?

What does Spring do to you? In what mind does the warming, brightening days and greening trees place you? What are your Spring urges?

It changes, from year to year. Each year it's very much about how I'm feeling about where I'm going and what I'm doing with what I got.

Many years, I reluctantly let go of winter. I am a big fan of a small world; I love foggy days, I love days with cloudy overcast, I love long nights with warming rum drinks and movies. I often wonder if I'm an agoraphobic who just never got the hang of it.

Latterly I've been looking forward to spring. This one more than others; as I have occaisionally related I've been studying graphic design at PCC. This is it, my friends, the ultimate term. At the close of the Spring session I will at least have a diploma to show for my blood (no lie-#11 Xacto craft knifes are sharp!,), sweat (Photoshop performance-based tests), tears (that one "C" I got for a project nearly mowed me right down) and money (should be self-explanatory).

But will I be able to find a job? Who knows! Stay tuned to this 'blog, where I will no doubt pontificate on at painful length about it.

Anyway, I have a whole new skill set of really exciting tools and things I can do. This really is a halcyon time. It's interesting, but in the good way. I have hope, a possibility of a new career, something I really truly care about. Being a creative professional, I hear, is sometimes brutal. But the possible rewards far outshine the travails.

Also along the way I've met some interesting and inspiring people. I've met people who, as far as I'm concerned, could make the world turn on its axis only for their mere being.

The spring promises new possiblilities, this time around.

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