03 November 2006

[design] Quark's Got a New CEO. At Last.

When last we heard the travails of Quark, Inc.'s management staff, they had canned Kamar Aulakh, the CEO who was leading Quark into the new customer-centered era of corporate culture (as opposed to the Ebrahimi-led years, which typically held the customer base in veiled contempt, which was something they did because they could).

Then, on 12 June 2005, Aulakh resigned abruptly, amid cirucmstance which still remain a mystery to this day, and Quark appointed a marketing supremo as interim CEO.

The long interregum has ended, as Quark has at last anointed a new CEO: Raymond Schiavone, co-founder of Arbortext, which is apparently a company that specialized in dynamic publishing for the enterprise.

We here at the Times don't know if this will mean any change in direction for the erstwhile DTP king, but QuarkVSInDesign, of course, has something on it (credit Pariah Burke, natch), and here's Quark enthusing about it, in the press release style.

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Anonymous said...

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Samuel John Klein said...

Highly excellent!

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