11 November 2006

[design, web_design] PHP and MySQL, Bearing Down on Me

Why this seems evident is still quite ineffable to me, but it seems that learning PHP and MySQL is bearing down on me.

In my day-design-job, there is a website, and significant parts of it are being actualized by PHP and MySQL. These are actually things I've always thought I've needed to learn, but never had the gumption or the need. Now I do.

What I like most of all is having the functions local–I don't like having to have to go online to get them (part of this is, of course, that I'm still limited to dialup). Mac OS X, if you aren't running the Server version, however, does not have MySQL installed. And PHP requires you to go into the system and un-comment a few lines in the /etc/php.ini file.

So, I did that and PHP is working; I have MySQL Community server to install (at least it's free), and the question now is do I leave PHP alone, or upgrade to PHP 5?

Research is ongoing.

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