05 November 2006

[pdx] The Oy! Mercantile

So, I resisted the urge for as long as I could, but eventually I had to stare into the abyss: the Caf├ęPress Emilie Boyles online shop.

It's all there; the prolific production, the awkward self-promotion ("Emilie Oy! A product of Emilie Boyles), the egregious abuse of Cooper Black. Seems authentic.

Why, she's even inaugurated a line of stuff under the banner of the new moniker b!X has crafted for her; we give you the 'Lie Boyles line. Here. No, you take it. Seriously.

It's true what they say; it does take all kinds. And twice on Sundays. Altho' I don't see much of a demand for a 100-pack of "'Lie Boyles" refrigerator magnets...but hey, I'm hardly a marketing genius. I could be wrong.

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