15 November 2006

[misc] I b0rked my OS. Recovering Now.

Really, in the end, I have nobody to blame but myself, I suppose.

I found out that, when the Mac can't find its system folder, it will flash a folder with an alternating image of a question-mark and a Finder logo.

It's all kind of amusing, actually.

Now, for some dumb reason, I'm determined to learn PHP and MySQL. Having obtained the most recent PHP, I wanted to install it, and I did so.

I'm thinking now that I didn't completely understand the installation instructions, because what I did caused PHP to break down...or at least that's what it looked like. I was treated to the amusing spectactle of typing 'http://localhost/~eagle/phpid.php" only to have Apache tell me that my machine couldn't talk to herself. Hmm.

Ah, no worry; I'll just reinstall Tiger. After waiting for it to me most of the way done, the installer got to 98% finished in installed Finnish and...stalled. I didn't panic-immediately. Things sometimes pause. But after a half and hour of being 5 minutes away from being done, I had suspecting that all was not well.

Reboot the computer. Remove the Tiger DVD-ROM. Try to reboot. And the Mac tells me "you took away my system folder, you bastich!"

So, we're reinstalling but starting back from OS X 10.3.2. The applications are complaining; I'll have to reinstall QuarkXPress, and work out an activation issue with Adobe on the Creative Suite.

But...hey...at least PHP is working again! So, there's a takeaway right there.


Anonymous said...

And people say PCs have problems!

OK... so they do. But that story sounds more like any of the "I broke WinDoze and I can't take it any more" stories I've posted on my own blog. :-)

I wish you well in your recovery.

Samuel John Klein said...


Thanks for the commiseration.

I think the big point here is that no matter how elegant and luxurious the system is, nothing is foolproof, and little else is more dangerous than the fool who thinks he knows what he's doing.

If I had followed the advice on Marc Liyanage's page–to re-comment two very important lines in the httpd.conf file–I'd of probably not had those problems at all.

So, the big takeaway in this is read the instructions, it would seem.

FWIW, the system is back up and running. In an unexpected plus development, I've regained about 2.5 GB of drive space, altho I keep finding things that have mysteriously gone missing (I had to re-find the sound file that let me have the HAL-9000 announce that I had a message). And once I got the system back up to OS X 10.4.6, my Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress apps reactivated (hate it or hate it, I have to suck it up) with no problem at all.