22 November 2006

[pdx_tech] FreeGeek Got 'Jacked

692 Word got round at OryCon on Saturday that FreeGeek, the 2cool4words tech-for-the-needy center in SE Portland, got broken into over the weekend, and lost a good deal of equipment–laptops and such.

One never knows where such stuff may turn up, so here's some vital info:

In this post, John Bartley at KiloSeven gives us the overview.

In this post, John tells us about how to ID FreeGeek hardware.

Find FreeGeek's account on their home page at this link.

We hope whoever did this gets caught, sentenced, dragged over sharp glass shards, then, after they've healed, the only computer equipment they should be allowed to touch are Vic20s. Without the extra 3K RAM pack.

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