10 April 2007

[bloggage] 20,000 In My Sights

758 Well, after a lot of posting and waiting and basically having fun with this, I have my eyes on the 20,000th visitor. That's more than a lot, but not as much as some. Nevertheless, I'm looking to get over that hump. In the next 24 hours, I'm hoping to get at least 125 hits.

Now, I'm hardly the most popular kid around here, but that's okay; some people I really really like have linked here and sent clicks my way without my asking. I appreciate you, each and every one. And I don't plan on quitting this if I can't get over 20,000 in the next 24 hours; it's not a pathetic attempt at approval, I'm not dying of some undiagnosed disease, just a semi-pathetic and audacious attempt at notching some numbers.

All you have to to is stop by and, hey, leave a reply if you're so inclined. A link would be cool. But a hit would be stellar.

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Bpaul said...

Just pinged you for an extra one, and unique too my first time here.

Good luck on 20,000. I'm new to this and just learning myself.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks, bpaul. So far, 7 since midnight, so, thankfully, I'm not letting my life hang on this one. Just being a little bit outré.

Nice of you to leave a reply as well. Much obliged.

I noticed that, on your profile, one of your favorite books is Blood Meridian. That's rather coincidental as I just finished The Road (and, in my own defense, I had it on hold at the library loooooooong before the big O put it in her book club). I know Meridian is a Western novel, so I'm not sure I'd like it, but McCarthy is indeed a powerful writer, so I'd be willing to give it a try.

Becca said...

Hi Samuel,

Very nice blog you have. Keep up the good work! From another Oregonian with a simple blog, not nearly as nice as yours.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


Ooofah! Thanks for kind comment.

At the time of this comment, I'm up about 30 hits, which is more than I usually have by this time of day, and two interesting commenters as well! So if I don't get to 20K before 0800 tomorrow, then at least I have this.