22 April 2007

[liff] In Which We Dare Not Ask "Wh*t's N*xt"

778 Well, as some wise woman once said, "It's always something. If it's not one thing, it's another; you lose the part time job you really liked, and then it looks like the tranny dropped out of your beloved 1972 VW Beetle."

As my The Wife™ picked me up from work this morning, I mentioned that it was a good thing I don't buy omens, as they say that bad things happen in threes. "Look," she said, "I broke one of my nails!" So, hey, it looks like we're covered there.

She's awful proud of her nails, she is.

And when things look really rough, she knows just what to say. That's why she's The Wife™.

Now, I know I'm not exactly generating readership or compelling everyone to link to me; the idea behind this general mess is to comment on my adventures in graphic design (with plentiful detours along the way as I examine pretties scattered alongside the road). But like I said, not every day is an "up" day. And sometimes, you get hit more than once by disappointment and misfortune. So this is mine.

The next thing is, we'll try to hitch up our kit and make it all go up again.

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