11 April 2007

[bloggage] Day of 125 Hits: Did I Make it?

761 Short answer; no. Long answer; no, but it wasn't a waste of time, and it was kind of fun.

24 hours ago, as of 0800 on 10 Apr, I issued a call, with my eye on the 20,000th visitor, for anybody who had a moment to spare to hit on my blog, here. At the time the deficit was about 125, and I decided to go for broke.

Well, we didn't quite get there. As of 0800 this morning, I'd found that I'd notched 19,958 hits, in total, getting 85 hits in a single 24-hour period, almost 70 per cent of my goal. As that's well over twice the amount I usually get in a day, that's a qualified success.

Also, as I've mentioned, I've got three URLs which I'll be linking to. Most bodacious of course was Josh Bancroft and tinyscreenfuls.com.

I will admit to a bit of disappointment on one angle; there aside from Josh and a couple of others, there were no comments at all. Sad am I at this; I was hoping for at least one conversation to come out of this, and a couple of links; if I got any new links, they aren't showing up (well, at least not yet...some of those monitoring items I use take a day or two to show up).

But I do have a takeaway here. Sure, I'd love to be popular and linked- and subscibed-to, but above all I should be probably doing this because I like writing and I have passions.

I do. And, I do.

Now to update the blogroll.

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Judy said...

Oh, I missed it! Darn it. I would have been happy to have "hit" you and upped the count. :-)

Did you make it yet? I remember how excited I was to make 20,000. That's such a huge number, and, heck... I'm always surprised that anybody reads me at all. It's just a knitting blog fergodsake. It's just string and pointy sticks.

You are wise, in my opinion, to remember that you write for yourself. If you write about what interests you, your passion will be apparent in your voice and others will be interested also. When one start to write only what others want to hear, something just gets lost in the translation.

I don't get here as often as I'd like, but when I do it's always a pleasant interlude. Keep writing.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Don't fret, Judy; ain't no thing but a chicken wing...

Seriously, it was a happy experiment and I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm not at 20K yet, but you just pushed me one step closer to it.

I did learn a bit about myself and why I want to do this (I think I'd do it even if I got no visitors at all, because I enjoy writing) and a little about how to have fun with it.

Your occaisional visits are valued, and I'll always be grateful for the linkage.