29 April 2007

[pdx_radio] Congratulations, AM970–You Almost Had A Regular Listener

791 I'm not one who thinks that radio stations should necessarily cater to my interests (well, yes, I am actually, kind of, but I'm no fool; I know they're really out to please advertisers. Anyway!), but I've got a bone to pick with AM 970. Solid. State. Radio.

Up until recently, my long dreary nights at work were much enlivened by listening to Stephanie Miller's show, especially the howlingly funny regular feature "Tinsel Talk". Stephanie Miller, in general, is as funny as hell.

Lately, someone in programming at AM 970. Solid. State. Radio. had the braindrizzle to acquire the no-longer-funny Dennis Miller's latest exercise in media...stuff...and programmed it to start at 0800, overlapping Stephanie's show.

Nice going, people. So I quit listening during the weekdays.

But at least I got to hear her on Sundays, for that third hour. But AM 970. Solid. State. Radio. has had periodic quality control problems. I remember weekends when listening to them was like listening to someone's voice piped through a desk fan (which was a fun thing to do when I was but a neat thing, but nowadays, not so much). Today, they played not only her program, but another one called "Troop Talk"...simultaneously.

I don't have anything against "Troop Talk", I'm just thinking, maybe, in the interest of what few listeners they have and sheer politeness, maybe they couldn't play the programs separately, at their proper times.

Just throwin' that one out there.

Parenthetically, I wonder why no one complains. I mean, obviously they don't...the simulcast goes on and on and on, and nobody corrects it. I mean, paging board op...come out of the bathroom please...

But I'm done with AM 970. Solid. State. Radio. That's it. No more.

You almost had a regular listener, but you done chased me away. Good going, guys.

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