16 April 2007

[liff] Mount Hood: A Visual Addiction

770 I'm additcted to Mount Hood. But not in the healthy way.

Actually, by "healthy" I mean "active"; I am as far away from a Mazamas membership as any given resident of Irvington is from walking to Madras. No, I love looking at Wy'east, and I'll do it for hours on end.

When me and The Wife™ finally moved back to the Big Smoke from Corvallis, we found a place to live on SE 8th Avenue, in Brooklyn (motto: eternally resentful we can't be Irvington). This was great because we were on a ridge, and I used TriMet at the time to get to my then-current job; it involved walking down SE Rhine Street toward SE Milwaukie Avenue, which allowed me the the look at Wy'east at dawn. Wouldn't trade that thrill for anything.

Indeed, I've lived my whole life in the shadow of Mount Hood. When I was but a neat thing, in Silverton, my house was at the very edge of town, on a street called Steelhammer Road. Across the street was (and still is) a field, and across that field couldn be seen Hood. When, in the 1970's, it became fashionable to report on the Cascadian volcano hazard, I began to get as fond as a flatlander had a right to be of "my" mountain, because, who knows, next year it might not be there.

But it's still there. I doubt it will go away anytime soon; I like to think that Loo'wit "took one for the team".

Clicky on the illustration to load a larger version of it. The full size version (2.5MB) can be found at the Wikimedia commons.

I adore this mountain. It's the backdrop of my life.

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shannon said...

I'm using Adobe CS2. I have never used Quark and I'm hardly a graphic designer.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I myself was brought up through QuarkXPress 4.11 after initially training in layout in Pagemaker 7.

For some reason I am extremely fascinated with layout and design programs. Though I do have a design certificate from PCC (AAS), I've not done design since graduation so much as I have opining on it and getting into the guts of design programs which, as I intimated, I completely love.

Do you do layout for whatever organization you work for? I also layout a tabloid-newsletter-quarterly for a local nonprofit.