10 April 2007

[bloggage] 31 Percent Of the Way There

759 Earlier today, at 0800, I stated the observation that I was about 125 hits away from 20,000 visitors and cast my message in the bottle out to see how quickly I could gather those, hoping to go over the mark by 0800 tomorrow. The results I've gotten so far are pretty cool.

So far, I've notched 39 visitors, which is a definite uptick from my ususal pegging by this time during a typical week day. It looks possible.

Even if it doesn't happen, I've already accrued a couple of benefits:
  1. Two commenters left me thier URLs: Bpaul at bugthumper.blogspot.com and Becca (I love that name, "Becca". Very sweet.) at escape2000.spaces.live.com
  2. Also, made the happy acquaintace of Josh Bancroft (here). Nice fella.
We all have ideals of what we want to achieve. Not always do they match our realities, but along the way, whether we succeed or fail, we almost always pick up valuable things along the way. So far, I'm finishing ahead.

The original post in my campaign is here if you are in the one-article view. Come. Comment! Link!

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