13 April 2007

[tech] A New Optical Drive...

767 One of these things can really open up your horizons, let me tell you...

I just obtained and installed a SuperDrive update to my stalwart PowerMac G4 system. The originally-installed Combo Drive was always kind of finicky when reading DVDs but lately its behavior has been more of an insurrection, meaning, if I did another foolish thing that killed my OS, like I did in November, it'd be a real tough time reinstalling my OS to the inboard hard drive.

And, besides, MCE Technologies has a 18x, DVD-DL upgrade that was priced right. So we went for it.

There is now no optical disc we can't read. And we can burn up to 8.5 GB onto a single disc-what's not to like about this.

If you're looking for an upgrade to your Mac, I've got to say so far that I have no complaints with this model, and you should check MCE out.

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