04 April 2007

[design] From the Home Office in Denver, Here's Quark's Top 10

749 Quark has a new idea up for getting laggarts on board.

One takeaway I've gotten from watching Quark for a long time now is that, since the days of QuarkXPress 4, XPress's biggest competitor has been XPress itself. More specifically, Quark lost a great many fans in the v5 days, which was still Mac OS 9 when InDesign v2, flaws and all, was Mac OS X native. v6 was a more compelling upgrade than 5, but my impression was a lot of the installed base was still using v4.11.

Now, QuarkXPress is in v7, which is, IMHO, a vast improvment for Quark, and with the advent of Quark Interactive Designer, rather exciting.

But Quark still has to contend with one of its biggest competitors–XPress 4, 5, and 6. Note that the current Top 10 campaign is clearly targeted at upgraders.

More thoughts from my at my article at QuarkVsInDesign.com here.

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