11 April 2007

[liff] This Is Oregon-1976

763 The fellow over at For Portlanders Only just made my year.

Between 1976 and 1980, back when stations signed off for the night, KATU had this masterpiece of film paired up with this catchy-damn instrumental that were matched up so sweetly that it got under my skin and stayed there. I'd engineer staying up late just to see this little film.

Please, please go see it. This was as good a snapshot of Oregon in the late 70's as ever will be, complete with killer time-lapse of Portland going into night, Broadway movie theaters downtown, yes, 70's fashions...and "Strawberrys".

Seriously, you have to see this thing to understand. Would someone please give me money and a camera so I can make a new version?!?!

Thank you, FPO, Thank you.

This is our state...This is Oregon.

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stan said...

It was just a heartbeat before my "time" (I was 3 for most of '76), but that film still evokes great memories of my childhood. Great find!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

You know, this is going to sound a bit goofy and daffy, but when I first saw this after so many years I was almost moved to tears. This would have be awkward inasmuch as I was in the workplace at the time.

I just have so many good feelings bound up with this superbly done bit of film. Not only that, I was surprised to find out that the music backing the pix is Henry Mancini. Yes! It's called "Symphonic Soul", and we're on the hunt for the album.