22 April 2007

[liff] Evironmentalism Isn't New

779 One of the daily heartbreaks of our current society is the way smug moderns mock those whom they call "Evironmental wackos", usually to make a crass point, and quite often for the benefit of they-what-already-gots.

One might agree with them. But one would be wrong. Our grandparents recycled as a daily activity. It didn't come with convenient plastic curbside tubs or calls to remember that everything we use has a consequence somewhere else. It was thought of as practical and sensible.

Lelo has the right of it, in a post that should be read and thought about by everyone. Next time anyone feels like ganging up on "the envrionmentalists", it should be remembered that if you take the modern environmentalist and strip away the modern frou-frou, you wind up with someone who isn't all that removed from our old-fashioned great-grands.

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