11 April 2007

[zeitgeist] A Couple of Odds'n'Ends Before We Go Find Something Design-Related

761 Staccato Bursts of Constant Information:

Stupid-Headed Host: We don't need one more observation about what a cretinous mook Don Imus is, so I'll just mention that it's nice that the rest of you all have caught up. He might survive his broadcast slap-on-the-wrist, but sponsors are deserting like [insert cliché here]. Although I must admit, he and I are of one-mind on Tucker Carlson (though I hear he doesn't wear the bowtie so much anymore).

More proof irony isn't actually dead: The President is looking for someone to oversee the war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq (wasn't he saying that was his job?). Nobody wants it. What I find funny is that they want to refer to it as the "War Czar". WTF is it with the compulsion of the Federal government to title these positions with that of the Russian emperor? Drug czar, War czar, bizarre.

God Love Tres Shannon: We've found crazy mad inspiration in Tres Shannon for quite a while. We never went to the X-Ray Cafe but he had so much fun with it that you couldn't dislike the guy. His mayoral campaign, whilst quixotic, was a delightful one. And he's come out quite bluntly that we should leave Burnside alone already. He makes such a compelling case (via BlueOregon) that we'll say that his position is our position too.

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Becca said...

Did you see that the Daily Dead Fishwrapper (The Oregonian) did an editorial piece about the Burnside thing today? Bout time that someone came to their senses, and now Lars is talking about it today on his show. Nothing like the hard light of day to shut that nonsense down!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yep-indeedy, Becca. How does it feel to be right and to have everyone catch up with you?