19 April 2007

[tech] Funny-both Haha and Strange

776 A few bits from the tech world that caught our eye today that are somewhere between here and "hmm...":

You Get What You Pay For: Windows/Office for $3? 'Strewth! However, there are conditions...You have to be a government for one...Clickly thee hence.

A Lifetime Supply, If you Live 26 More Years...: Good at Pac-Man? Love Quizno's? Want 26 years of free sandwiches? There's a competition coming up...Details hither.

Didn't they Put a Fork in Darl's Ass and Call Him Done?: I thought after that decision that the SCO Linux lawsuitzen were mostly air that was going to go away. Apparently I'm wrong; they're still after the mighty Groklaw. Extra Texture: read all about it.

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