11 April 2007

[bloggage] 20,000

764 Well, seeing as I was obsessing on it for the last several days, I thought I owed it to everyone to report that, at last, I've crossed 20,000 visitors.

We have the tape:

So whoever it was came in from somewhere undetermined in the USA, via Stan's excellent 'blog stayed for more than a couple of minutes, and showed the extreme good taste in seeing that genius clip at For Portlanders Only.

So, congratulations Whoever U. Arre, from Somewhere, Inthe, USA. You're number 20,000 with me. Regretfully, I'm not rich nor am I famous (not yet) (hint here, people) so there's no prizes. Check back in a year or two.

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Judy said...

You made it! Yea! Dude, that's seriously cool.

Thanks for the "This Is Oregon" spot, too. I used to love that one. Nothing like that on now, it seems. Maybe on cable...

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks, Judy.

Well, the thing I love about it is the absolute genius in the images, the music, and the pacing. That is the Oregon I grew up in, and that's what makes it so inspiring, I think.