24 April 2007

[design] CS3 is In The House; DVD Tutorials Rock.

782 We are now CS3 enabled here at the Station and we are having mad fun with it. The biggest pleasures so fare ar to be found with Flash CS3 Professional and the DVD tutorials.

In about ten minutes, starting from very little experience, we created a complete SWF movie. It wasn't much; we created a green circle which moved across the top, diagonally, then across the bottom in the letter-Z, and shrinking, then expanding and skewing then fading out as it transitioned from green to blue-gray and back to green again.

I also learned about keyframes, motion tweening, and what tweens are...all in about 15 minutes.

Adobe's DVD Tutorials rock...and you don't have to get the Suite to seem them. Adobe offers them here to anyone who can load them up.

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