28 April 2007

[bloggage] Business As Usual During Alterations

790 Well, we've pussyfooted around about it and decided to make absolute hay of the place.

Until now, we've used the old Blogger's version of Minima Black because we'd gotten used to the way we could tinker under the hood with the HTML pretty much at will. But we wanted to take advantage of the spiffy new features of the new Blogger's ways and means and tinker with that; this old way will deprecate eventually.

However we changed our template instead of upgrading, and completely trashed the blogroll. So, we'll be rebuilding that. If what few of you do come by and want to remind me to replace your link, please do so unreservedly; I want to link to those who want the linkage.

Above all, I just want to be loved (don't we all?)

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