30 March 2009

Leaked: The Made In Oregon Sign's Actual Final Design

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by After secret and very tense negotiations between all the stakeholders in the "Made In Oregon" sign imbroligo over the weekend, which took place at the Coffee Romance at SE 82nd and Powell by the Food "4" Less store, we have an exclusive look at the design which has been leaked to us by a highly-placed but unnamed horse. Here it is:

This goes beyond the mere replacement of the words to remodel the bounding stag into a true reflection of the soul and sprit of the city of Portland which was, if I might remind everyone here, built over an ancient unicorn burial ground.

Attending the confab along with Commissioner Randy "I'm not a meanie" Leonard were Dread Lord "Dave" Frohnmayer, Amanda Fritz, Dan "I'll Bet You've Forgotten I'm A City Commissioner" Saltzman, Nick "Nick Fish" Fish, the Black Unicorn, and the White Unicorn.

Special refreshments were brought in by a squadron of Keebler Elves.

Thank God we finally got this settled!

(Portland + Unicorns = AWESOME!)

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Dale said...

I, for one, welcome our new unicorn overlords and love the new design.

Alan Cordle said...

I'm down.

Dave said...

You beat me to it . . . and did a much better job than I could have!

Steve R. said...

I was hoping they'd use an invisible pink unicorn.

LeLo said...

I don't know. I think you may want to double check your math. Because....

Portland + Unicorns = Pornicorns

And that could be a whole different sign.

Samuel John Klein said...

Wow! So much to respond to! Thanks guise!

@Dale: I knew you'd like it. Our Unicorn overlords have nothing but good things for us, unless you're a developer. Then they get stabby.

@ Alan: Yeah. Me too.

@ Dave: Yow! I win! That's three years of graphic design training at PCC up there. Can't find an actual job with it; may as well entertain the peoples!

@ Steve: yes, stylish, but in the end where the fun in that?

@ LeLo: Thought about that. Decided to use the New Math. Because this is a family-oriented blog. I'm not sure what family, mind you. But not that kind. Not that there's anything wrong with that!