13 October 2010

[pdx] Portland ... Where Your Library Card Is The New Black

Portlanders are remarkable fans of the public libe: we have over 430,000 cardholders and, it's said, one of - if not the - busiest library systems in the nation.

So maybe it stands to reason that in PDX, the humble library card has become not just an essential, but a fashion accessory. What a happy thing!

We are so thrilled with our library, that we think nothing of representin' with our card for all the world to see, and anyone can, at http://www.cardholderpride.smugmug.com/.

They call it Cardholder Pride. And it's making its way around the town.

You might still be able to participate, even: http://www.libraryfoundation.org/content.cfm/News/Tell-us?SID=80&PID=1052.

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