17 October 2010

[type] Made In Oregon - The Lower Case, From A to Z

My baby is really taking shape now, peoples. It's coming together as a TrueType font.

We're really cookin' now. Upper-case and numerals should fly by.

That little "X" is lookin' a little weak, but it'll do for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, is your font available for purchase or download? Thanks!

Samuel John Klein said...

Not at present, no, sorry. I keep having various difficulties with my lifestyle and emotional ups and downs have with this, like many projects, doomed it to a certain degree.

However, since someone asked, I may take it up again. Watch this blog. Who knows? Your causal question may just be the spark that finally gets this to completion …

Anything's possible.

Unknown said...

Any update? This would really help me out on quite a few projects.

Samuel John Klein said...

I've recently found a source that can help me flesh out the capitals, so I may be restarting delveopment on this quite soon.

Thanks for asking.

Unknown said...

Cool font, I look forward to seeing it available at some point. Any news?

Anonymous said...

I also think that the work you have done is phenomenal and would love to see it as a ttf.
Hopefully it wills itself into existence.