11 October 2010

[logo] The Gap Is Back

2508.The old Gap logo, that is. Confirming rumor I've heard on Twitter ever since the entire visual arts community did an amazing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and the Gap acknowledged that the new logo was not intended as some sort of bizarre social marketing joint, cool heads prevailed (they do that sometimes) and restored the classic Gap logo:
Marka Hansen, Gap North America president, informed the company's marketing department this afternoon of the change, acknowledging that the switch was a mistake and that the company would be tabling any changes for the foreseeable future.
One New Coke moment for the record books.

Read all about it at AdvertisingAge: http://adage.com/article?article_id=146417

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1 comment:

Naturopathic Control said...

The new logo was dwarfed by the classic beauty of the old one! I think the logo change was a clever ploy 1) to evoke strong emotions of contempt and 2) to simply renew attention and ATTACHMENT to GAP.

Even though they have ditched the idea, I think the whole thing was clever marketing! I understand why some people think that it is marketing madness. Although getting customers to not only communicate with your company but even participate may become the marketing zeitgeist, the ploy is more suitable for less established, less exclusive brands. I bet they don't need consumers to tell them that.

This apparent 'failure' may be a resounding success, especially just before a major shopping period. People have been reminded of their brand ATTACHMENT and emotionally driven to protect its image.

Conversely, if people absolutely loved another new crowd-sourced design, Gap would have also won.

Miss C,
~ Naturopathic Control / Control Naturopatico ~