28 August 2007

[bloggage, design] Actually, I'm Going to Try Sticking With Contribute for A Little While Longer...

924. Okay, I told a lie a few entries back. I havent completely given up on Adobe Contribute CS3. I can make entries and make them look good so easily with it that I'm reluctant to give it up. And, since I was going to keep using Firefox to upload entries anyway, if I have an apres posting editing to do, I can do it in the Fox. Contribute enables nice leading too–the unContributed entries were all but set-solid, and if that's not what you're going for, that can be irritating.

As mentioned a couple of entries back, Adobe's troubleshooters are doing the best they can with this.

What it boils down to is feed redirection due for Feedburner. When feeds are redirected, Contribute can't retrieve the entry for some odd reason. Now, with feeds unredirected, I can open posts for editing–but no edits are saved for some reason. Maybe it takes some flushing of the cache, whereever Contribute's version of that might be. Maybe I hae to push some more entries down the RSS pipe, I don't know,

But it's such an odd problem I can't believe there isn't some solution I've so far overlooked.

And Contribute does rox0r in major ways to post with.

spa fon?

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