15 August 2007

[bloggage] The Debut of the Celtic Chieftain

903. I just divined that the BlueOregon poster "Taoiseach" has inaugurated a blog, Beaver Boundaries, with, an insightful post about the mad shuffle expected to ensue over State Senate District 14 now that Ryan Deckert is taking his ball and going home to head the Oregon Business Association.

Since we admire anyone who has the good taste to link to us, and we doubly admire anyone who takes on a Celtic title (roughly pronounced TEE-shock) of such import, we are more than happy to return the kindness.

Since Taoiseach gazes upon the fnords without flinching, we shall file that link in the blogroll accordingly.

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taoiseach said...

Thanks be to you in return. I appreciate your work and enjoy your 'Portlandiensis' suffix.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Cool! You indeed have discernment!