20 August 2007

[net_life] Phishing: They Never Give Up, The Idiots

909. Gratutious alarm: EMAIL SCAM! DO NOT CLICK ON OR REPLY TO ANY EMAIL LIKE THE BELOW. There. Duty done.

Sometimes we are amused at phishers and sometimes we want to find them and just b-slap them a lot, a bit. Two essentially identical emails make us feel about 50-50 today. Here's an exampe of one of them:

Welcome Member,

Thank You for Joining Pet World.

Confirmation Number: 995793712
Your Temp. Login ID: user2604
Temp Password ID: qp381

This Login Info will expire in 24 hours. Please Change it.

Follow this link, or paste it in your browser: http://no.effing.way.charlie/

Membership Support Department
Pet World

Now, I know better than to run off and change my membership information at a site that I've never heard before and never actually regsitered for. Am I to understand that there are people who fall for this?

Very banal. Very evil. I suppose people need to be told not to do this thing. Fortunately, that's not my job, but hopefully I've done some sort of public service here; I know it sounds rude and obnoxious and brutal, but there are just some people who deserve to be taken in my that.

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Colin said...

This email is actually generated by one of the latest variants of the Storm trojan.

Wish people would actually use antivirus programs!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Ahh. Spam from a virus network. Might've known. Thanks for that bit of information.