19 August 2007

[bloggage] I Haz Subscriberts!

908. I should have followed the directions for redirecting my RSS feed to Feedburner sooner.

Gone from having null most of the time (and 1 every so often) to having 37-47 subscribers via feedburner (so far).

And to think that I was about to delete the code for that chicklet...

Shout out to my RSS subscribers: I wonder, what do you subscribe to this blog for? It tries to be a designer's blog but I do wander about, because my mission isn't just design, and I'm not that successful a designer yet.

Why do you all read me? What do you get from this blog? If there was one thing that you'd suggest I should do to make this more interesting, please leave a comment.

This blog is all about me, but if anyone's reading it, I'd like it to be a little about you too. The idea of the salon fascinates me, and I'd always fancied I could be a center of that–the Algonquin Round Table is gone, but a guy can dream, as I always say.

Remember, links always cheerfuly reciprocated.

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Brian said...

I read mostly for the wanderings. I'm not a designer, but I am from the Portland area. RSS makes it easy - I just skip the stuff I don't get.

Iron Fist said...

As a fellow Stumptown resident, I read for the Portlandiensis stuff. And as someone interested in design (and who wouldn't mind being a designer, either) your stuff makes for a good read.