22 August 2007

[net_life] More On The Phishers

910. The commenter in the very last entry had a very interesting thing to say about the current torrent of phishery that's infesting inboxes everywhere:

This email is actually generated by one of the latest variants of the Storm trojan.

So this is what comes of poor computer hygiene and less-than diligent antivirus measures (thanks for the tip. Colin).

Just out of curiosity, I clicked the link to see what site the link (which has so far always been the same or very similay IPv4 address beginning in 76.XXX.XXX.XXX) and I get the same thing–a bare notice that says "If you do not see our Secure Login Window, Please download our Secure Login Applet".

An .exe file about 44 KiB in size downloads. I did not run it, of course, (I couldn't–this is a Mac) but if they can get you to run this little program...this ought to be a condition in which the user can legally have thier computer taken away from them. Or maybe get a new one, say a Timex-Sinclair 1000 or someohing like that.

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