11 August 2007

[tech] It's 4th And Loooong for SCO

898. According to the buzz, the bell may be about to toll on The SCO Group's assault on Open Source. From Wikipedia:

On August 10, 2007, Judge Dale Kimball, hearing the SCO v. Novell case, ruled that "...the court concludes that Novell is the owner of the UNIX and UnixWare Copyrights". Novell were awarded summary judgments on a number of claims, and a number of SCO claims were denied. SCO was instructed to account for and pass to Novell an appropriate portion of income relating to SCOSource licences to Sun Microsystems and Microsoft. A number of matters are not disposed of by Judge Kimball's ruling, and the outcome of these are still pending.

It's not looking good for Darl.

I wonder if SCO Group's business plan allows for a plan B in case the lawsuits didn't work out?

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