24 August 2007

Contribute CS3 Doesn't Always Heart Blogger...

916. You know how it feels when you think that you're the only one having problems with an app, and then you find that others are having that problem too? I just got that. Very liberating.

Via Geek Glue:

But it has proved to be impossible to actually edit an existing post. I can easily find and select the post. But actually trying to open it for editing gives me a wild sequence of alert dialogs. I firstly get a "failed to open document" alert followed by a "Save changes to untitled-1?". This cycle repeats and often leads to Contribute crashing.

This is something like the problem I'm having right now. To be specific, Contribute CS3 complains that I need to establish a connection to the website after selecting a post from the drop-down list, which only is active after you've made a successful connection to this blog.

I'm hoping Adobe steps up and comes up with something very soon, at least advice. I'm still using Contribute CS3 to post...which I think testifies to how good it is. Contribute CS3 rocks as far as blog posting goes; it could be a mad powerful tool, and I give it a guarded thumbs-up: it needs to be a bit more dependable in the editing department. But I like it a great deal.

C'mon, Adobe, you know how many of us blog. Help a brother out?

This is probably a vain attempt to add a change.

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