11 August 2007

[design] Blog Posting with Contribute CS3


I was just reviewing an episode of the Creative Suite Podcast and saw there was an episode about how you can use a neat application called Contribute CS3 to blog post. 

Blog post with Contribute CS3? My dear, you're soaking in it! Or I am, anyway. 

One of the ongoing irritations with Blogger is the posting interface. Recently, because of the nice way it treated fonts and the way it's matured, I've moved back to using Safari for the majority of my needs. Fonts really do look better in it. 

What I've found is that Contribute–an application designed to allow non-web-savvy clients to maintain websites in a WYSIWYG style without having to know any Dreamweaverly mojo has been niftily done so as to allow bloggers to post in a WYSINearlyWYG way (the draft view leaves waaaay too much leading...I'll know if this is going to work fo' reals after I finally publish). 

Now, all I have to do is see how I get the lablels and tags in...

Okay. back from test posting. It looks all very doable. The one thing I have to watch out for, it looks like, first thing, is the habit I've developed of double-spacing to separate paragraphs and provide breaks in the text needs to be suppressed; Contribute supplies one hard return at the end of every paragraph...which is the way it should be, actually.

I'm going to be trying to blogpost with Contribute instead of the Blogger interface (It and Safari, as mentioned, don't quite get along) and it's nice to have rich, visual style feedback.

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